3 Yacht Safety Tips

Yacht Safety Tips

3 Yacht Safety Tips

Sailing around Miami on a yacht for a relaxing day in the sun sounds like a dream. However, maintaining your safety wherever you are is important. Before you grab your closest friends and family, a bikini, and a few bottles of champagne, check out our top 3 yacht safety tips.

Ensure That You Have a Responsible Captain

The Advantaged employs highly experienced captains and crew to maintain our fleets. They follow all of the rules of waterway navigation set by the US Coast Guard and will consistently maintain a safe speed.

However, in other cases, you want to ensure that whoever is driving your boat stays safe. Make sure they are not consuming any alcoholic beverages and are following normal boat regulations. In fact, 17% of all recreational boating deaths in the United States are a result of alcohol usage. It is also important that they are constantly aware of their surroundings and remain alert for any potential danger.

According to the Center for Disease Control, over 70% of boating accidents occur due to operator error. This can be avoided with a knowledgeable, well-prepared captain.

Have the Correct Safety Equipment

Every yacht should contain the proper safety equipment required to keep all passengers safe. This includes life jackets. Every person should have their own life vest. Yachts should also have searchlights, which will work to allow the captain to see better in the dark or during poor weather conditions. These lights should operate on battery in addition to the vessel powering them, in case of any power outages.

Yachts should also have an emergency steering system that will work as a backup tiller in case of a system failure. In the event that a passenger goes overboard, there should be man-overboard equipment on hand. This should include a life raft.

Other vital safety equipment that should be on board a yacht includes fire extinguishers, flares and bilge pumps. Also, a two-way radio should be available. You should make certain that each crew member knows how to use this equipment.

Know the Rules

Before getting on board, make sure that you and your fellow passengers know the rules and procedures. This is important to do beforehand, as once you start sailing things can get a bit hectic.

Ensure each guest knows what do to during an emergency and where safety equipment is stashed. If there are any passengers that have chronic health conditions or severe allergies and require medication, make sure they have it on board. This includes insulin, epi-pens or heart medication.

Now That You Know About Yacht Safety Tips, Contact Us Today!

The Advantaged prides itself on providing our clients an unforgettable, safe experience. Each of our captains and crew members are highly qualified and are trained to be fully prepared in any given emergency situation. Our goal is to create and deliver the perfect yacht charter experience for each of our clients. Tell us your ideal yacht charter experience and let us do the rest of the work. Call 305-358-0745 to book your trip today.