6 Must-See Yachting Destinations for 2022

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6 Must-See Yachting Destinations for 2022

The yacht rental Florida scene is always bustling and looking for the next hottest trend. As one of the most unique and glamorous activities any person could do, a luxury yacht charter should be at the top of any list in 2022. Luckily, a Miami yacht charter is convenient to book with The Advantaged any time of year. We have been specializing in luxury yacht charters since 2006 and leverage all of that experience into creating the best Miami yacht charter available. Our customer service, competitive pricing, safety records, and luxury fleet of yachts set us above all the rest.

Yachting is a global passion, however, and there are lots of great yachting destinations near and far that you might want to put on your bucket list.

Here are our 6 must-see yachting destinations for 2022!

Florida Keys

Yachting in the Florida keys can be an absolute blast. The area is known for its clear blue waters, luxury resorts, and amazing fishing. With a good yacht rental in Florida, like The Advantaged, you can easily make this an all day trip and go from Miami, key to key, and back.


If you’re looking for a white sand beach to relax on while enjoying your favorite drink, the Bahamas are the place for you. The Bahamas is a nearby destination from Florida with Bimini, Eleuthera, Nassau, Freeport, and more just within reach. It’s a great area for fishing, too!

The Virgin Islands

This archipelago is a true paradise for a luxury yacht charter. Both the British and US Virgin islands attract yachters from all over the world and for good reason. The possibilities are endless in a place like this as there are plenty of places to stop into port for some shopping, dining, or fun on land if you’re looking for it.

The Greek Isles

The famed islands of Greece have been a luxury yacht charter destination for decades and a coveted vacation spot for as far back as ancient times. With so many luxury yacht charters to choose from and a vast array of ports, there’s always something new to experience in the Greek Isles. The islands are also known for some of the best sailing destinations and most welcoming culture around!


No place oozes luxury living, leisure, and lifestyle like Saint-Tropez and that makes it high on the list of any yachting enthusiast no matter what year it is. Saint-Tropez offers ports for luxury yacht charters, high-end hotels, fancy casinos, and breath-taking resorts where you can rest your head at night after a long day on the water. Saint-Tropez is also well known as one of France’s best destinations for designer shopping!


It’s the capital of fun, sun, and luxury living for people with discerning tastes and one of the best places to yacht, any time of year. Booking a Miami yacht charter through The Advantaged is simple and stress-free, and there are great itineraries you can book to stay in the bay, or head out and explore more of the Atlantic coastline. You don’t have to go far to find the best luxury yacht charter destination!

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