Visiting The Bahamas For The First Time, Here Is What You Should Know

Visiting the Bahamas for the First Time, here is what you should know

Around 6 million Americans visit the beautiful beaches in the Bahamas every year. They’re great place to vacation and a great place for the family. Miles of sandy beaches, sunshine, and drinks with umbrellas in them. What’s not to love? As they say on the islands: It’s all better in the Bahamas. There are, however, […]

How to Prevent Seasickness: Top Simple Remedies

How to Prevent Seasickness

Sailing the wide open waters anytime soon? Have a boat party on the weekend? Whatever the reason, you may need some tips on how to prevent some potential nausea coming your way. Whether you’re on your dream cruise, a romantic getaway yacht, or on a sailing adventure, getting seasick will definitely affect your experience for […]