How to Name a Boat: The Ultimate List of Boat Name Ideas

the ultimate boat name list

Naming a new boat isn’t easy. You have to capture the essence of your boat without going overboard (pun certainly intended). In fact, speaking of puns, you may want to use a pun in your boat’s name. Naming your boat requires a delicate balance. You have to straddle the line between creativity and appropriateness, between […]

4 Things to Take on Your Yachting Adventure

what to take with you when yachting

It’s time to go yachting. Are you packed? Did you make sure to bring your passport, phone chargers, sunscreen, and other necessities (yes, sunscreen is definitely a necessity)? Good, let’s go! Alright, it’s not actually that easy to pick up for a weekend of yachting in the Bahamas. There’s slightly more planning involved. We weren’t […]