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If you are looking for a new boat in Florida or the Caribbean, you should consider a cruiser boat. Cruisers are elegant, smaller boats that are perfect for couples or for shorter trips. Smaller than a yacht, cruisers nonetheless provide comfortable accommodations and other great features, such as swim platforms. They are not typically intended as liveaboards but are great for overnights and easier to handle and dock.

The Advantaged Yacht Charters & Sales has a wide variety of cabin cruisers for sale, suited to a range of needs and budgets.

What is a Cabin Cruiser?

A cabin cruiser is a smaller boat, typically between 25 and 45 feet in length, that offers sleeping quarters and often kitchens and restrooms. A cabin cruiser must have accommodations, but many only have one cabin and may sleep only two to four people. Yachts, on the other hand, are larger and typically have multiple cabins.

Cabin cruisers are seaworthy boats that can be used for longer trips but are typically a little small to live on (unless you live on your own). Limited space might limit entertainment options; however, for single people and couples who want to experience the yachting lifestyle with less outlay, smaller slip fees, and less fuel, cabin cruisers are perfect.

The Types of Cruisers We Carry

We carry several different kinds of cabin cruisers to suit your needs and budget:

  1. The Sea Ray Sundancer – 37′. This smaller boat has a sleek look and enhanced foredeck seating zone to make it better for entertaining than most cruisers this size. She has one stateroom and bathroom but can carry as many as eight people on a day trip. This is an elegant boat perfect for days on the water.
  2. The Jeanneau Leader – 38′. Unlike most smaller cruisers, the Leader has two staterooms. She’s sporty and ideal for families. The generous cockpit saloon can accommodate your entire family, plus a few guests. It also has a galley with burners and storage and an interior saloon that converts to an owner’s cabin.
  3. The Fjord Tomahawk – 40′. This boat has a unique modern appearance and a spacious cabin. She also has a large bathing platform and a forward sun pad for lounging. And yes, there’s a galley too.

These aren’t your full-sized yachts, but they give a great taste of the lifestyle for couples or small families.

Why Buy a Cruiser

Owning your own cruiser gives you the freedom of the seas. Cheaper and more fuel-efficient than a full-sized yacht, cruisers are also easier to dock, especially in crowded harbors. You’re protected from the weather and can travel to interesting places. If you don’t want to live at sea but want to take frequent overnight trips, a cruiser is perfect. A larger one also makes a great party boat.

They’re reliable in most conditions, certainly in the Caribbean outside storm season. Most cruisers also have a generator, meaning you can run everything without having to run the engine. Cruisers also typically have some kind of indoor dining area, although it might be a converted cabin on smaller boats. They often have luxurious touches similar to yachts because the primary difference is size. When they have a galley, it typically has smaller appliances, but you can usually cook most of the things you need to. Cabin cruisers also have modern electronics, so you don’t have to lose touch with the world at sea. Unless, of course, you want to.

Cruiser Boats for Sale near Miami

At The Advantaged we sell high-quality cruiser boats, as well as yachts. We also offer the Advantaged Membership Club, which gives you unlimited charters for those who want to sail but don’t want the responsibility of their own boat.

Contact us to talk to one of our expert salesmen and find out which of our cabin cruisers is right for you.