The Five Best Things About Visiting South Florida

visiting south florida

The Five Best Things About Visiting South Florida

Florida – Miami specifically – is an international hot spot, welcoming millions of visitors from every corner of the globe. There are a million reasons why we at The Advantaged love Maimi and the surrounding areas. But, we don’t have the time to list them all. After all, we’re too busy providing world-class luxury charters to our clients like you. Here are five of the best things about visiting South Florida.

The Food

The food in South Florida has a distinctly different flavor. This could be because a significant proportion of the population comes from the Caribbean and Central and South America, or maybe it’s because Miami is much closer to Havana than Tallahassee. No matter the reason, visitors here can sample some fantastic delicacies they likely can’t get at home – including fried plantains, ceviche, and empanadas.

The Coffee

The coffee in South Florida is the best. We know it, and when visitors try it for the first time, they know it too. Cuban coffee is difficult to explain. It’s a little like Italian espresso but heavily sweetened and of a higher-octane. Miami runs on this stuff that’s served in small cups which resemble cream containers. Our description might not do our favorite beverage justice, but visit and try. We know you’ll love it too!

 what to do in miamiThe Parties

Miami is party central. South Florida has a distinctly Latin flavor, and nowhere is this more evident than in its nightlife.  South Beach is world-famous for its clubs, with some of the biggest DJs always on hand to kick-up the action levels. Even if you don’t care for clubs, the various neighborhoods from Midtown to Little Havana have something exciting for every visitor.

The Weather

Florida is known for the weather. Whether it is the blazing sun or the deadliest hurricanes, the forecast in Florida always grabs the attention of visitors. Fortunately, major storms usually only occur in the fall. And, the rest of the time guests can expect warm temperatures and sunny skies. Sure, there will be the occasional downpour, but wait a few minutes – the sun will be back in no time. No matter where travelers come from (with the exceptions of say, the desert, California, or Hawaii) the weather in South Florida is sure to please!

The Warm, Tropical Water with the Advantaged

Now that you know the five best things about visiting South Florida, you know what’s the next step.

If there is one thing South Florida is primarily known for, it’s our fabulous beaches and the crystal clear blue waters of the Atlantic. Miami and the Keys are the perfect spots for cruising with friends or family, taking in the sites of the Magic City. There’s no better way for visitors to experience South Florida in all of its beauty than with a private luxury charter.

At The Advantaged Yacht Charters, we offer an extensive array of only the most exceptional packages specifically designed to bring you the best of the Magic City and the surrounding area – be it the Bahamas or the Florida Keys. Our packages are customizable to cater to your every need. Meaning that instead of worrying you can kick back and enjoy everything Miami has to offer! Give us a call at (305) 358-0745 or book a date with us.