Tax Advantages Spur Record Year in Yacht Sales

Tax Advantages Spur Record Year in Yacht Sales

Recent changes to Florida tax law have spurred a surge in sales, with some dealers reporting a 100 percent increase in sales over the last three years combined. Overseas sales were particularly strong this year; international buyers from Brazil and the Middle East stepped in to capitalize on favorable exchange rates and continued stability in the U.S. economy.

Florida Tax Law

Ferretti and Sunseeker both reported banner sales years with Ferretti reporting $30 million in sales and Sunseeker posting big numbers as well.

“Our charter business this season was quite good,” reports owner, Antonio Maldonado of The Advantaged Yacht Charters and Sales.

Recent changes to Florida tax laws may have served to spur sales. Buyers purchasing a yacht over $260,000.00 pay a flat tax of $18,000.00. Even if your vessel costs millions, you still only pay $18,000.00 in Florida taxes.

The Miami Boat Show, which ran from February 14-19, crowds were heavy and sales were brisk. Boating is definitely back in style for 2013.

The Advantaged is Committed

The Advantaged finds itself uniquely positioned in the large powerboat industry to provide networked services leading to long-term relationships with a wide spectrum of international clients. Our Turn Key Management Service pampers our customer yachts in secure safety while away. Our advance team will wash, service, provision, and have a captain on stand by at the time of their arrival.

The Advantaged can help customers learn the ropes of the yacht industry. They can do that by helping them arrange charters of a wide variety of pleasure and powerboats.

The Advantaged Offers Years of Experience

When they’re ready to step into ownership, The Advantaged can put a friendly and experienced face on the daunting task of finding just the right boat, staffing it with the crew, securing moorage, and the basics of maintenance and proper care. If the new owners choose, The Advantaged can arrange to charter out their new vessel during times they’re away.

The variety and combination of services allow The Advantaged to carry its commitment to service. And, excellence throughout the boating experience of its customer base. Whether that connection to yachting remains the occasional charter or blossoms into ownership, they never have to go farther than The Advantaged offices.

Antonio Maldonado of The Advantaged. “And we’re anticipating an influx of new owners for next year.”

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