Fun Things to Do in Great Exuma

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Fun Things to Do in Great Exuma

At The Advantaged, we love what we do. We love showing our clients all of the best things to do in and around Miami, Miami Beach, and the Florida Keys. But we offer so much more than just private yacht rentals and events in Florida. We also love the Bahamas. The soft, white sand, the cool, refreshing turquoise waters, the amazing food, and the even more amazing people. What’s not to love? What better way to explore this magical island nation than with a luxury private charter to Great Exuma. In fact, it is one of the most picturesque locations on Earth! To get you excited, here is a selection of some of the best fun things to do in and around Great Exuma.

what to do in the bahamasSwim with the Pigs in Great Exuma

We’ve all the seen the commercial, and we’ve all said how cool it would be to swim with the pigs in the Bahamas. Well, with The Advantaged, now’s your chance! Pig Beach, located on Big Major Key in the Exumas, is home to about 20 pigs and piglets. They have become the darling of all those who travel to this amazing part of the world.

Big Major Key, like many islands in the Bahamas, is uninhabited. And, it should be pointed out that the pigs aren’t a native species. So, how did the pigs get there? No one is certain. One theory is that sailors who intended to return and cook them left them behind. Another theory says they swam to the island from a shipwreck. Whatever the cause, the pigs are living their best lives possible and are an amazing way to spend an eventful afternoon in the Exumas.

Thunderball Cave

Thunderball Cave, also known as Thunderball Grotto, is one of the best snorkeling experiences on the planet. An amazing system of underwater caves and stunning natural rock formations, Thunderball Grotto was made famous through its appearances in a number of films. You may recognize it from the James Bond films Thunderball (hence the name) and Never Say Never Again. It was also one of the locations used in the filming of the Tom Hank’s film Splash, as well as Into the Blue, starring Paul Walker and Jessica Alba.

Arriving at Thunderball Grotto on your private yacht, it may not seem impressive from the outside. But this unassuming rock hides an amazing secret. Swimming through the caves which lead to the central chamber, divers are treated to schools of beautiful tropical and stunning rowhouse blue waters. The grotto itself is an unbelievable site. So impressive, you instantly understand why it’s such a popular Hollywood backdrop!

The Fish Fry

No luxury private yacht voyage to Exuma is complete without a stop-off in Georgetown, the capital and biggest town of the region. Just west of Georgetown is the Fish Fry. The Fish Fry is as low-key, yet quintessentially Bahamian as it gets.

A collection of small restaurants which cook up some of the best-tasting fish dishes your likely to ever have. This isn’t just a tourist trap – the food and atmosphere here attract locals and visitors alike. Featuring more than 10 little eateries, the Fish Fry really comes alive in the evenings, with live music and DJs not uncommon. In fact, the restaurants are usually still serving food well past midnight.

Chat and Chill

Chat and chill is more than just a suggestion for what to do to relax. It’s also an amazing beach restaurant on Stocking Island. Just a short boat ride from Georgetown, Chat and Chill does one of the best conch burgers you’ll ever have, plus succulent Bahamian BBQ ribs.

Chat and Chill also has a beach volleyball court and hammocks. So, this is making it the ideal place to, well, “chat and chill” after a long day or relaxing at sea. Oh, and we forgot to mention the stingrays.

That’s right, Chat and Chill play host to a collection of wild stingrays that love to swim right up to the shore. And, they love to feast on some of the left-over conches from Chat and Chill’s conch salad hut. This means that guests have the opportunity to swim with some of these amazing creatures up close and personal! And, for those looking for more land-based activities, Chat and Chill is the perfect launching off point for a scenic hike of Stocking Island.

Swim with Nurse Sharks at Compass Key

Sharks are scary. Well, at least that’s what they tell you in the movies. But at Compass Key, swimming with these monsters of the deep is just plain fun.

The marina at Compass Key is home to a docile group of nurse sharks who love swimming with visitors. Why? Well, it’s all because Tucker, the guy who runs the marina, introduced a family of sharks here years ago. Through time, those sharks had babies. So, the result is a family of nurse sharks who grew up with human interaction and now can’t get enough of swimming with the locals! In fact, these amazing creatures are so docile, that they are considered pets and love being petted!

The sharks are so well behaved that they even know when it’s lunchtime! When it’s time for the sharks to eat, a hatchet is hacked against a fish cleaning board and the sharks come swimming over for some tasty treats. How cool is that?

Explore All That Great Exuma Has to Offer with The Advantaged

No matter where you choose to visit, Great Exuma and the surrounding islands offer unbeatable experiences for every member of the family. And, there’s definitely no better way to experience them all than on a luxury charter! At The Advantaged Yacht Charters, we offer a wide array of the finest packages specifically designed to bring you the best of the Bahamas, Miami, and the Keys. Our packages are fully customizable to cater to your every need. So, instead of worrying, you can kick back and enjoy everything this spectacular part of the globe has to offer! So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at 1 (305) 299-0486 or contact us to set up a ride.