Hurricane Preparation Tips For Yacht Owners

hurricane prep tips for yacht owners

Hurricane Preparation Tips For Yacht Owners

Weathermen have forecasted about thirteen named storms, six hurricanes, and two major hurricanes for this upcoming 2018 hurricane season. From June 1st until November 30th, yacht owners need to watch for storms throughout the Atlantic hurricane season. While strong seas can wreak havoc on coastal communities, weaker tropical storms can cause serious damage as well. However, with a little advanced planning and preparation, you can ensure that your yacht is safe and protected. There are many things to consider before, during, and after a hurricane. Make your life easier by getting ready ahead of time with this list of hurricane prep tips for yacht owners.

Before the Hurricane

It’s important to be proactive whenever inclement weather is involved. To keep your yacht protected before a hurricane, make sure to do the following:

  • Refer to your marine insurance to see if you are required to follow a specific course of action in order to validate any claims
  • Learn your marina’s policy for handling hurricanes. In some states, marinas can force all of the boats to vacate
  • Double-check that all emergency equipment is working, such as battery-powered radios, first aid kit, and flashlights
  • If you plan on moving your boat, make a plan for where you are going to move it to ahead of time
  • If you are not going to move your boat, learn the storm surge history and water elevation of the surrounding area
  • Plan what will be removed from your yacht, and how many days ahead of time you plan to do so
  • Create an inventory of the property on your boat. If possible, use a video camera to record exactly what is aboard
  • Make sure all important legal documents such as the radio license, marina rental agreement, insurance policy, registration, and others you need are kept in a secure container. In case of an evacuation, make an inventory of photos, documents, and other invaluable articles.

Tips for Yacht Owners

When a Hurricane Watch Is Issued

A hurricane watch means there is a possible threat to the designated watch area in during the next thirty-six hours. Once this happens, you’re going to want to take a number of important steps, including:

  • Monitor the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Weather Radio, TV, website, and social media profiles for storm status updates
  • Yachts docked at marinas should be equipped with more lines, with lengths that are long enough to handle extremely high levels of water
  • Yachts that are anchored should have rigging that is made of new or good chain and line
  • Once you make sure your yacht is secured, leave it and don’t return to check on it until the storm has completely passed

After the Storm Passes

Just as important as everything that happens before and during a storm, you’re going to want to do several things after the hurricane. These will help you protect your yacht and make sure there hasn’t been any major damage.

  • After you make sure the storm has completely passed, check that it is safe to leave and go check on your boat
  • Inspect your boat to see if there is any damage
  • If there is damage, make an itemized list of the affected areas to include in your insurance claim.

Hurricane Preparation

Regardless of whether or not you are in the process of buying or selling a yacht, we are here to help all current and future yacht owners make it through hurricane season. The Advantaged is your resource for everything yacht-related. Especially now that you are prepared with these hurricane prep tips for yacht owners.