Don’t Do This: Illegal Yacht Charter “Sea You Twerk” Shut Down

illegal yacht charter

Don’t Do This: Illegal Yacht Charter “Sea You Twerk” Shut Down

Have you heard about “Sea You Twerk?” Nope, we’re not talking about the Cardi B song – we’re talking about the latest illegal charter yacht to get shut down the Coast Guard.

Look, Miami yachting is hot. We get it. Everyone wants to be out on the water, sipping on a cold flute of champagne, and living the dream life. Make sure you do it the right way though. Furthermore, don’t fall prey to an illegal charter scheme and ruin your party!

Illegal Yacht Charters are on the Rise

After flooding social media with pictures of beautiful women partying on his yacht, the owner of “Sea You Twerk” started taking reservations. Sounds good, right? Well, it would have been…except that Dallas Allan Ladd, the owner, didn’t bother to get the proper license. That is, he didn’t bother to get any license.

In fact, the Coast Guard found out what was going on and decided to run a sting. They called Ladd, chartered the boat, and then arrested him.

Dallas Ladd isn’t alone in operating illegal yacht charters. Seth Gissen was arrested in January after his boat, “No Rules II,” was raided by police and the Coast Guard. In addition to operating without a license, there were reports of assault and drug overdoses. These are just some of the dangers of renting an illegal yacht charter.

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So, illegal charters are on the rise and law enforcement is becoming increasingly strict on shutting them down. Sounds like it’s time to have fun in the sun the right way.   

Reasons to Avoid an Illegal Charter Boat

The number one reason to avoid illegal charters is that they’re illegal. Not only does this mean they didn’t take the time to get the proper licenses and certifications, but it also means they’re likely to cut corners in other ways. Your charter should have the proper number of life jackets and preservers. However, you shouldn’t fill it above its capacity. Moreover, it shouldn’t be piloted by someone under the influence. In fact, all of these might happen on an illegal charter.

That’s just scratching the surface. Remember the reported assaults and overdoses on “No Rules II?” You definitely don’t want that to happen on your yacht charter.

Plus, what happens if you’re on one of these boats and, God forbid, someone passes away? You want to know the staff is trained in CPR and other lifesaving emergency procedures. You simply won’t get those on an illegal charter boat.

Party on a Yacht the Right Way

Ready to party on a yacht? Then do it the way it should be done – with trained and licensed professionals! In fact, we’re talking about a captain and crew that know exactly how to take care of you and your friends. We’re talking about onboard catering. We’re talking about jet skis, wakeboarding, water skiing, snorkeling, and more.

So, we’re talking about a fully customized experienced designed to do everything you want and then some.  

Sounds like run, right? Call The Advantaged today at (305) 299-0486 to get your yacht charter started!