4 Tips for Planning Your Miami Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

bachelor/bachelorette party

4 Tips for Planning Your Miami Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Anyone who has thrown a bachelor or bachelorette party for a close friend or family member can attest to how complicated it can get. The pressure of making the weekend unforgettable for the bride or groom-to-be is overwhelming. Yet once all the details have been planned, all the stress proves to have been worth it.
However, it does not have to be as complicated as it may seem at first. The most important part of planning a successful bachelor/bachelorette party is a happy bride or groom. No location for a bachelor/bachelorette party is better than Miami. Between the beautiful beaches, hot clubs, delicious food and great shopping, your group will be having fun nonstop. Follow these tips to ensure the best bachelor/bachelorette party possible in Miami.

Where to Crash

            Miami is a huge, metropolitan city with countless suburbs. The key to choosing a location for your hotel or AirBnB is to determine where you will be spending most of your time. Does the bride or groom love the beach? Search for hotels over on Miami Beach or Key Biscayne. Are they looking to spend some crazy nights at the club? Choose South Beach (the southern portion of Miami Beach) as your main spot. Prefer to spend a weekend filled with shopping? Bal Harbour is the perfect place.

These areas are very touristy and will have hundreds of hotels to offer. If you are interested in a more local experience, opt for an AirBnB. These are usually in less frequented areas and can offer a more authentic feel.

When to Go

The best times for the lowest rates will be in the summer, specifically July and August. However, you should know that summertime in Miami is when the weather becomes a bit bipolar. One minute it will be bright and sunny and ten minutes later there will be thunderstorms. The rain tends to come and go quickly during the summer, but usually goes in and out throughout the day.

If you want to try and avoid the rain completely, plan your trip between November and April. Note that the weather in Miami is typically warm all year round, so coming in the “winter” time is not an issue. Try to avoid weekends like Art Basel, Miami Music Week and the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, as prices for hotels and AirBnBs will be pricier than normal.

"Tips for Planning Your Miami Bachelor/Bachelorette Party."

Miami Nightlife

            You should not miss out on Miami’s legendary nightlife. Start the night out with a great dinner at one of the city’s amazing restaurants. Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, Bolivar Restaurant Bar Lounge, SeaSpice or Cleo are all delicious options. Do not forget to stop by Café Versailles, the city’s most famous Cuban restaurant, for a café con leche and a pastelito.

After dinner, hit up one of our famous clubs for a night you will not soon forget. The notorious Liv nightclub at the Fontainebleau is a great option. E11even, Story, and Wood Tavern are other excellent choices. Head over to Lips, a drag queen bar, for fun performances and excessive amounts of glitter.

The Advantaged has an exclusive partnership with SeaSpice. You can ride around on a yacht for a little while, then keep the party going at one of the hottest new spots in Miami. On weekends, there is a DJ playing bumping tunes. Get the bottle service and let the good times roll.

What to Do

            The great thing about Miami is that there is always something to do. Therefore, if your bachelorette group is looking for somewhere to relax, a day at the spa is a great option. The Lapis Spa at the Fontainebleau, Agua Spa at the Delano and The Spa at Carillon are all excellent choices.

If your group wants to sneak in a fun group workout in, Miami has tons of options. SoulCycle, Vixen Workout and Milan Pole Dance Studio are all guaranteed to be a blast. The Standard Spa offers a yoga class with a view of the bay for a relaxing touch.

When you want to kick some back with the boys while trying to catch the big one, consider deep sea fishing. Miami is a natural location to launch your fishing voyage. Chartering a boat for an afternoon is a great way to spend some man time as you try to reel in a fish that is bigger than your torso. If you catch something in season, you could have dinner right there.

There is no better way to celebrate a bachelor or Bachelorette-to-be in Miami than on a boat. The Advantaged offers a vast selection of yachts to choose from, including everything from sailing yachts to megayachts. We offer all from half-day to full-week charters and provide only the best for your group. Once you have selected your destination and yacht, we will supply all onboard amenities and countless water activities. We guarantee an experience you will never forget.

Plan Your Bachelor/Bachelorette Party with The Advantaged

"Tips for Planning Your Miami Bachelor/Bachelorette Party."

Miami is truly the ultimate place to plan a bachelor or bachelorette party. Between the food, clubs, beaches, and shopping, there will be no stop to the fun. So, head over to our site to reserve your yacht today.