Things To Do By the Sea During Labor Day Weekend in Miami

labor day weekend in miami

Things To Do By the Sea During Labor Day Weekend in Miami

Labor Day is dedicated to the contributions of the American worker and the labor movement, and we celebrate with a Monday off from the office. There’s no better place to spend that three-day weekend than in beautiful Miami, a city that always goes all-out with holiday festivities. Even though yacht enthusiasts will have to ditch the interior, they can find plenty to do in the Magic City just by sticking to the coastline. Here are 5 things to do by the sea during Labor Day Weekend in Miami.

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Beach Parties at Haulover Sandbar

When the tide gets low at the Haulover Beach Marina in North Miami Beach, an island of sand rises from the waves. Boaters love to party here on most sunny summer weekends, but the influx of tourists and the day-off vibes make Labor Day at the sandbar even more festive. So many more boaters drop anchor here in droves that the collective party atmosphere is a holiday event in itself. Be sure to order something from the bay’s famous “food boats.”

Boating at Nixon Beach Sandbar

Richard Nixon said in his 1971 Labor Day address, “Nations, like people, never really stand still.” At the beach that now bears the man’s name, boaters take his words to heart – but maybe not in the way that he meant. On Labor Day Weekend you’ll find scores of ships tethered to each other (five per group at the most, by law) and people walking between boats to dance on the decks and in the water. Between this and the motion of the ocean, there’s no standing still at the Nixon Beach Sandbar.

Cedric Gervais at LIV Nightclub

Once the sun goes down, the beach parties move from the water to the shoreline. House DJ Cedric Gervais knows that Miami is the place to be on this weekend, so on Saturday, September 1, he’s performing at the Fontainbleau’s extravagant nightclub LIV. He’ll be pumping out the hits in the city he loves. If you’re in the mood to celebrate Labor Day early, drop anchor at the Fontainebleau Marina. Then, enter the famous hotel, and live it up at LIV.

Miami Spice at Seaspice

Miami Spice is a citywide promotion. This is where the best and most high-end restaurants in town offer delicious three-course meals at discount prices. It runs from the first day of August to the last day of September. And, Labor Day, falling smack in the middle, is as good an occasion as any to take advantage of this. If you want to stay close to the water, Seaspice Brasserie and Lounge is the perfect participating restaurant: it’s located by Biscayne Bay, and the seafood is to die for.

Kiki on the River

This downtown restaurant sits right on the Miami River. But, its blend of traditional and modern cuisine from the Greek islands will make you think of the Aegean Sea. They recently posted a picture on Facebook of a fresh frozen fruit blend as “a little teaser” for a party on September 1. Given that it’s a hotspot frequented by famous athletes, reality TV stars and other celebrities, you can bet it will be worth going. As an extra perk, it’s right next door to Seaspice, and you can get there in style on your yacht.


These are definitely not the only things to do by the sea during Labor Day Weekend in Miami; there is so much more going on in the city. Then again, some people feel that the real weekend fun lies offshore. If you’re this type of person, then you are in the right place! The Advantaged Yacht Charters has a wide selection of luxury boats for rental or sale, and we can help you pick the perfect vessel for your three-day weekend plans.