Selling Your Yacht is Our Passion!

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Selling Your Yacht is Our Passion!

Selling a yacht can be challenging, especially if you’re doing it independently as the owner. Instead, you should work with a luxury yacht service with extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience in the charter and sales industry. To get that yacht advantage, you should work with The Advantaged Yacht Charters and Sales, a company passionate about selling yachts.

Why Are We Passionate About Selling Yachts?

It’s simple: Boating is our lifestyle! Aside from having fun with friends and family on amazing yachts, we are also passionate about making a sale. Our crew and captain are fully equipped in boating; we also boast a variety of selling features to ensure the yachts of our clients are sold. We have established a devoted following of yachtsmen and other yacht advisors, both locally and around the world.

What Kind of Boats/Yachts Can We Sell?

The Advantaged can sell any motor yacht, along with cruisers, jet boats, houseboats, sports fishing boats, refitted yachts, and many more.

We are passionate about selling any yacht, and we will make sure to promote important features, including:

  • Cruising Speed
  • Maximum Speed
  • Gross Tonnage
  • Guests Capacity
  • Beam
  • Exterior Design
  • Interior Design
  • Dining Area

What Are the Price Ranges for These Boats?

These boats are estimated to cost between $200,000 and $900,000. In order to balance the costs of keeping the yacht with the selling price as you try to sell it, we will assist you in developing a customized pricing plan. Our sales expertise has taught us how to negotiate on our client’s behalf to secure the best possible pricing.

Why Choose The Advantaged Yacht Charters and Sales to Help Sell Your Boat/Yacht?

The Advantaged Yacht Charters and Sales is a premier yacht brokerage house. We have top-ranked, cross-platform marketing services that will be strategically used to promote your listings, and we’ll make sure your boat sells for a price you’ll be delighted with.

Worldwide Inventory

Our website offers a wide range of daily updated listings from across the world. Every day, thousands of active users will be exposed to your vessel.

Growing Email Database

Our marketing staff will actively send out direct emails, advertising your yacht throughout the day using a database of over 40,000 yachting aficionados.

MLS Marketing

We post all of our inventory on our website and portals, generating an average of one million views every year. We use all of these channels to find a buyer for your boat.

Print Advertisement

We have an internal marketing staff that promotes the brand’s visibility in upscale print publications that highlight our most recent listings.

Dedicated Team

We like to believe that our extremely ethical relationship-selling style is the reason for our longevity. Every customer is treated like a beloved part of our family.


We host activities all year round in Miami and neighboring communities to foster close ties with the local populace.

What is the Selling and Buying Process?

The procedure is extremely simple: after receiving all of your yacht’s details, we take care of the rest. We’ll market your yacht and take care of the paperwork if someone decides to buy it. Then, you’ll get your money.

Contact The Advantaged Yacht Charters and Sales, Today!

One of the biggest boat shows in Miami is coming up soon. You should work with a reliable and experienced yacht sales broker like Antonio Maldonado. He can help find or sell your boat! You can reach him at 1 786 2584 363.

You can also fill out our form to contact us today! We at The Advantaged Yacht Charters and Sales are more than happy to serve you.