Snorkeling Tours in Miami Florida

Snorkeling Tours in Miami

Snorkeling Tours in Miami Florida

Newly added to the fleet is the incredible 33 Jeanneau yacht that we host with the best snarling professional captain to show you a different side of Miami. Take a peek at what our new 33 Jeanneau offers you and your Miami snorkeling adventure to make it a snorkel experience to remember!

Until now, The Advantaged Yacht Charters specialized in just yachting. However, we just added a snorkeling tour option that will allow you to snorkel and dive the reefs of Miami and surrounding areas.

What to Expect

On the excursion, you will see exotic fish, sea turtles, and other marine life around Emerald Reef, Graceland, Pillars, Half Moon Preserve, and many more enchanted snorkel reef areas.

Emerald Reef

Emerald reef is probably Miami’s largest natural reef and has many large rocks for interesting critters to hide out in. A great place for scuba diving and snorkeling among marine life and coral species.

Half Moon Preserve

Take the boat ride to Half Moon Preserve, an excellent location for snorkelers to visit, as the area is considered a wreck due to the sunken two-masted 3660-ton steel Schooner built in Germany in 1908. She sank to her current location in 1930 after a storm broke her moorings. Hurricane Andrew improved the site by exposing more of the schooner’s wreckage. An incredible place to see and snorkel around in the Atlantic Ocean.

Graceland Reef

Enjoy snorkeling in Graceland reef where there is a section of plate reef that broke and dropped about 4 to 5″, creating an exciting ledge with small caverns underneath (too small for penetration). Located in 18 to 22″ of water; this is a relaxing second dive for those who are looking to experience a great snorkeling trip. Some of the most beautiful tropical fish and abundant marine life live here in the coral reef, including some that we don’t see at any other site, such as Copper Sweepers. You will also likely find Nurse sharks sleeping under some of the ledges.

If You Enjoy Snorkeling, Miami is The Place For You!

Miami enjoys beautiful diving conditions year-round with its close proximity to Key West, the Bahamas, and the Gulf Steam. With water temperatures from 70 to 85 F and visibility often better than 75′, you can snorkel all year round!

Feel free to ask specifically for the 33 Jeanneau as it is small enough to go to these exotic dive spots, and Captain Gary will be happy to provide snorkeling gear and a snorkel vest and show you and your guests a great time on one of our snorkel trips around Miami Beach, South Beach, and the Florida Keys.

Please note fuel is not included in the rate as these spots are not within the local cruising area of Biscayne Bay.

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For more information on snorkeling in Miami and snorkel marine adventures in South Florida, contact The Advantaged Yacht Charters and Sales today via our website or call us at 305-358-0745 to set up your next snorkeling experience.