The Top 4 Fun Miami Neighborhoods

Fun Miami Neighborhoods

The Top 4 Fun Miami Neighborhoods

Miami was ranked number four on a list of the most fun cities of America. We must say that we respectfully disagree. Miami’s the most exciting city in the United States. The next few parts of town are all the proof that we need. So, check out this list of fun Miami neighborhoods.


This area of Miami’s young, fresh, and hip. It’s home of a wide variety of bars, galleries, and spots to grab a bite to eat. It doesn’t matter if you want to eat duck burritos, drink a microbrew, or be amazed by art. Wynwood has it all.

This part of town is perhaps most famous for the Wynwood Walls. This art exhibition features graffiti-style works from famous artists. Shepard Fairey, famous for the “Obey” campaign and Obama’s “Hope” poster, has illustrated one of the walls. Many other painters, sculptors, and artists from across the globe have had their work there for the whole world to see.


This part of Miami’s all business during the daytime, and a huge party at night. In fact, the nightlife here tends to be a little bit more upscale, and a little bit more exclusive. The LILT Lounge is intimate and ritzy, and the Bar at Level 25 offers an amazing view of the city. Sugar is a cocktail bar at the top of the EAST Miami Hotel that has the hottest craft drinks and a great rooftop deck overlooking the city.

Brickell’s also the home of one of Miami’s staples, Blackbird. It’s pretty casual, with a bar set up in the front and a massive dancefloor in the back. The place’s famous for pumping out jams until late at night and is a must-visit when you’re in the neighborhood.

Our personal favorite spot in Brickell is Komodo, a chic restaurant opened by the owner of Club Liv. Komodo is where you want to be to meet celebrities. It’s also a great place to people watching, and enjoy their upstairs lounge after 11 pm.


Downtown Miami isn’t famous. In fact, Downtown Miami’s notorious. The clubs of downtown are known worldwide. Moreover, Downtown’s always crawling with people looking for a party, and they always find it.

If you want to dance the night away, you’re going to want to head down to 11th Street, although we bet you can hear the music from Hialeah. Club Space and Heart are right next to each other, and if you mosey across the street you’ll find E11even. It’s impossible to put the experience of E11even into words. Sometimes, you have to experience something for yourself.

Furthermore, if you’re looking to have some fun that’s a bit more wholesome, you can check out the Perez Art Museum, visit the Frost Museum, or hang out at the Margaret Pace Park.

Miami Beach

There was no way we were going to miss this one. Miami Beach has something to do day and night. We highly recommend hitting the beaches during the day. Furthermore, the water’s tranquil, and the sun’s warm. You can find yourself among throngs of people who are soaking up the sun. Moreover, the area has quite a few places to grab fresh seafood and other fine dishes.

When the day gives way to night, the party really starts. LIV, Twist, and Story are among the most popular places to visit when the stars come out. If you’re looking to take your club experience to the next level, you can even club hop from a yacht. We can drop you off in the marina across the street from Liv. No one will make a bigger entrance, we promise you that.

Want to Check Out These Fun Miami Neighborhoods?

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