Water Activities in Miami That are Fun for the Whole Family

water activities in miami

Water Activities in Miami That are Fun for the Whole Family

Is there anywhere better to visit than Miami? From the amazing weather and great international cuisine to the plethora of activities. The Magic City has something for everyone in the family! If you are considering spending some time down in South Florida with the kids, we’re sure you’ll want to know what kinds of activities you can plan to make the best use of our unbeatable sun and surf. Here are some of the water activities in Miami that are fun for the whole family.

Venetian Pool

One of – if not the most – beautiful swimming pools in the world, the Venetian Pool is the ideal combination of stunning settings and refreshing cool waters. Originally built in 1923, the Venetian Pool is a truly unique swimming space constructed in a coral rock quarry in the exclusive Coral Gables neighborhood of Miami. Essentially an over 800,000-gallon natural spring pool,  it’s cool and refreshing – even on the most sweltering days of Miami’s summer.

The Venetian Pool’s waterfalls and stunning Italian-inspired grottos make it a popular destination for swimmers from all walks of life. Especially children, as there are countless nooks and crannies to explore. The best part? The pool is open to the public seven days a week. Although, it tends to get crowded on the hot days of summer and during the weekends.

Bill Baggs State Park – Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne, located just off the coast from both South Beach and Downtown Miami, is a paradise unto itself. Life here just seems to move a bit slower than in the city. Key Biscayne is also home to some amazing public beaches. One of the most iconic in South Florida is Bill Baggs State Park. Occupying the southern tip of Key Biscayne, the park’s iconic beaches often feature prominently on national top-10 lists.  What makes Bill Baggs so great for families is that it’s not just amazing beaches (don’t get us wrong – they’re amazing!), but also covered pavilions, views to iconic Stiltsville, the charming lighthouse, and tons of local history. Bill Baggs is a can’t miss for families!

fun water activities in miamiCrandon Park – Key Biscayne

Also located on Key Biscayne, Crandon Park is another place where you can experience some of the best beaches in the country. Crandon Park features one of the most beautiful and safest beaches for families. The shallow, sun-kissed waters are perfect for lazy days by the ocean. The park is also home to a whole host of unique animals, including peacocks and huge iguanas!  You may even be lucky enough to have a run-in with a manatee – a truly unforgettable experience. Beyond the amazing wildlife and the warm, tropical seas, the park also hosts a play area for kids. Also, it features interesting seagrass and fossilized mangrove reef and is great for family picnics and barbeques.

Miami Seaquarium

If your kids love marine life, Miami Seaquarium is the place to be. Rather than just having your kids splash around in the local pool, the Seaquarium allows them to experience all the wonders the oceans around South Florida have to offer. Your little ones can enjoy the top deck dolphin shows, experience the incredible sea lion shows. Or, even feed some of the park’s manatees! Even better, the park has designated splash zones all over. This means it’s a great place to cool down in the Miami sun!

Oleta River State Park

The largest urban park in all of Miami, Oleta River State Park is the perfect place to enjoy a whole host of land and water-based activities for the whole family. The park features a number of pavilions which make it ideal for family days out. And, it boasts some amazing trails which are perfect for exploring on bikes. Perhaps the biggest highlight of the park, however, is the thick, lush mangroves, which offer endless scope for exploration via kayaks. In fact, the park’s full moon kayak tours are one of the most popular activities on offer.

Exploring the Miami Beach Islands by Charter

One of the best ways to have an unforgettable family day out in Miami is to rent a private charter. And, if you’re looking for a memorable charter excursion in Miami, look no further than the islands around Miami Beach. From the urban hustle of Brickell and Downtown to trendy South Beach or the pristine beaches and laid-back vibes of Key Biscayne, the islands of Miami offer something for everyone.

While exploring the magical islands of Miami, don’t forget to check out Stiltsville. Resting just off the shore of Bill Baggs State Park, Stiltsville is something of a Miami legend. A “neighborhood” of just seven houses in Biscayne Bay, this enchanting landmark traces its roots all the way back to 1933. Originally just a single home built by a local character named “Crawfish Eddie” to sell chum, Stiltsville soon became an exclusive retreat for Miami’s elite, who flocked to the area to create their own invitation-only clubs. Perhaps the most famous of these clubs were the Quarterdeck Club, opened in 1940 by Commodore Edward Turner, and the Bikini Club, which was just a run-aground ship.

From its height in the 1960s, Stiltsville suffered much over the following decades from countless hurricanes.  Only seven houses still stand, however, the charm and mystique of Stiltsville remain. Just minutes from Miami Beach, visiting Stiltsville is a magical and unforgettable experience that is quintessentially Miami in all of its quirky wonder.

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