Yacht Outing & Brunch with Seaspice

Yacht Outing and Brunch with Seaspice

Yacht Outing & Brunch with Seaspice

One of the parts we love most about living in Miami is that there is always something to do. The city is young and vibrant. Wherever you go in our city, you are sure to have an adventure.
We were lucky enough to not only participate in an awesome event, but to host it. The concierges of the ritziest hotels in Miami, such as the Ritz Carlton, the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort, and the Fisher Island Club all came out to enjoy a Saturday with us. Check out our very own yacht outing and brunch in collaboration with Seaspice.

Catching Sunshine on a Yacht

The day started at the Miami Beach Marina, where our 72 Sunseeker, the “Aha Moments”, stood waiting. We pushed off into Biscayne Bay and enjoyed the warmth of the South Florida sunshine on a yacht. Our guests got a fresh and exclusive look at the islands of Miami Beach, where celebrities rub elbows with one another.

There is nothing quite like viewing Miami and Miami Beach from out on the water. Millions of tourists come through town, but they only get to see their surroundings from the beach. Seeing the city from out on the water is something that only the lucky experience.  

Brunch at Seaspice

After seeing the sights from out on the water, our party rolled up the Miami River. In fact, Seaspice Restaurant, one the hottest and most happening of our city’s new restaurants, was the ultimate goal. Life is more than just the destination, so we lived it up on the journey. Once we docked, we were greeted with mimosas.

However, the good times did not stop there. Seaspice invited us in for a Saturday brunch. Perhaps the hardest part of the day was picking just one item from the menu. The béarnaise sauce went with the Alaskan Crab Florentine amazingly, and the Seaspice Lobster Benedict was Insta-worthy. Their Wagyu Burgers brought a fresh look to an old classic. Moreover, the ceviche there was to die for. This place was foodie-heaven, and the brunch crowd is going to have a new spot.  

Relaxing with a Few Drinks

After finishing our brunch, we treated ourselves to a few drinks. The way Seaspice is set up means that you can get a little close. It is easy to laugh along with someone there, and our guests had a ball with us. Fortunately, the atmosphere was bright and cheery.

It was pretty cool to have a different take on the city. When lots of people come to Miami, they leave with things. Trinkets and souvenirs, like neon stunner shades with Miami on them or Florida flip flops, are fine, but it does not always work for us. We appreciate moments and experiences rather than things. Also, there is nothing quite like seeing Miami from out on the water or sipping mimosas at a cool spot. 

Yacht Outing and Brunch with Seaspice and The Advantaged

If you are looking to charter a yacht for a day out, turn to the Advantaged. The experience you will have on our cruisers and yachts will be second to none. Contact us today.