30 ft Crossover 2024


  • The Advantaged
    30 ft
  • The Advantaged
    8.42 ft


30' Ventura Crossover 2024


Twin Merury Engines 200 HP 

White / Exterior Gray

2 Simrad  GPS

Fuel Float Center

Hard Top 

Underwater lights

Sound System 1 Device 8 speakers 1 subwoofer 

VHF Radio  Compass 

110 Volt Charger

Inverter 1800 Microwave 

12V Refrigerator

500 Winch 7.5kg anchor 60 meter chain swivel chacle

Air Condition Marine Kit 10,000 BTU

Generator Netuno Gen 5 KVA


### Welcome to the Ventura Experience   For over four decades, the Ventura Company has been at the forefront of boat manufacturing, intertwining craftsmanship with a deep sense of community. As we mark our 41st year in this passionate industry, we invite you to embark on an experience that goes beyond the horizon—welcome to the Ventura experience.   Our journey began with a simple yet profound vision: to create vessels that not only navigate the waters but also foster connections among those who board them. This vision has been our guiding star, leading us to where we stand today—a place where each boat tells a story of collaboration, innovation, and shared joy.   **Craftsmanship Meets Connection**   At Ventura, we believe that the essence of a great vessel lies not just in its design or functionality but in the connections it enables. Our family, having nurtured this company from its inception, has cherished every moment of getting to know our buyers. These interactions are not mere transactions but are the very fabric of our community, woven with stories of adventure, relaxation, and familial bonds.   Our dedicated team of designers works tirelessly, pouring their hearts and skills into each vessel. This commitment to excellence ensures that every boat we produce is not just a means of navigation but a sanctuary for families to create lasting memories.   **Safety and Enjoyment Hand in Hand**   Understanding the trust you place in us by bringing your family onboard, we craft each vessel with the utmost care. Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities, and we strive to ensure that every journey you embark on with a Ventura boat is filled with moments of joy and serenity.   Our growth as a company is intimately tied to the families who choose Ventura. Your stories of adventure at sea are what inspire us to push the boundaries of what we can offer. It is through your experiences that we find our greatest achievements and our most profound source of motivation.   **A Commitment to Excellence in Service**   With over 20 years of experience in customer service, our dealers understand the value of listening. We dedicate our time to understanding your needs, ensuring that we provide tailored solutions that enhance your time on the water. This commitment to excellence in service is a cornerstone of the Ventura experience.   As we look forward to welcoming you aboard one of our vessels, we are excited for the memories you will create and the fun that awaits. At Ventura, our greatest joy is serving you, and we are committed to ensuring that your experience with us is nothing short of extraordinary.   Join us on this voyage, and let us explore the boundless possibilities together. Welcome to the Ventura family—where every journey begins with a story waiting to be told.