8 Unique Ideas for Social Distancing Parties During Covid-19

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8 Unique Ideas for Social Distancing Parties During Covid-19

Planning a safe and socially distanced getaway on your rental yacht can seem difficult, especially in the Miami area. Making things fun while maintaining safety measures is a constant battle as we adjust to the new normal. The best ideas for your event will allow your guests to enjoy each other’s company from a safe distance in a clean environment. Therefore, we offer these 8 unique ideas of social distancing parties during Covid-19 on your luxury yacht charter.

What is Social Distancing?

In fact, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends limiting face-to-face contact with others. Moreover, this is done by keeping six feet of distance between individuals and wearing masks indoors. That basically means not to get close enough to breathe on someone who doesn’t live in the same home as you.

It doesn’t mean you can’t gather in groups or plan events. You just need to take some precautions to lessen the chances of getting each other sick. Make sure to provide masks, hand sanitizer, and access to outside air throughout the event. The added airflow will be an added level of protection.

Here are 8 unique ideas of social distancing parties during Covid-19 on your luxury yacht charter:

Wine Tasting on a Luxury Yacht Charter

A wine tasting is a mature and fun way to let loose with your friends and family. Let a professional show your party how to properly taste and enjoy high-end wine while the ocean sways your luxury yacht gently on the Miami water.

Wine is a great way to spark discussion among guests, removing social barriers that can be difficult to overcome with social distancing. Host the festivities and act as master of ceremonies to make sure the entire room is engaged with the larger event.

Art Show

Turn your yacht rental into a floating art gallery by displaying artwork from a local Miami art show throughout the cabin and deck. Include an auction or Q&A with an art expert or even the artist themselves.

Conversation and beauty will make the experience unforgettable. You won’t even notice that no one is touching because of the warm and familiar conversations that are sparked by interpretations of the art on display.

Musical Show on a Luxury Yacht Charter

The power of music can unite a room without anyone physically touching. You can create a new favorite musical experience aboard your yacht rental with tunes provided by your favorite local Miami DJ or band.

In fact, a luxury yacht charter is the ideal setting to be serenaded by a lovely vocalist or played to by classical musicians. Everyone can enjoy a social distance dance party where guests have their own designated space to safely boogie.

Treasure Hunt

Send everyone on a magical quest for prizes and goodies by hiding treasures around the yacht rental. It would not be too difficult to plan the hunt so that people are not all in the same area at the same time. Move guests throughout the deck on timed intervals.

At each station, entertain guests with select games and activities that will direct their attention to a variety of treasures. Let traffic flow naturally as people look for treats and enjoy the vibes and company you curate.


Let everyone shine like a star for a few minutes at a time. Give your guests an unforgettable memory of belting out their favorite hits while in front of friends and family at sea. So, after the drinks and melodies start flowing, love and happiness will fill your yacht charter.

Incorporate a contest for the winner to incentivize everyone to give their very best performance. You will get the equivalent of a Broadway show in terms of passion.

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