How to Name a Boat: The Ultimate List of Boat Name Ideas

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How to Name a Boat: The Ultimate List of Boat Name Ideas

Updated: May 28, 2024

Naming a new boat isn’t easy. You have to capture the essence of your boat without going overboard (pun certainly intended). In fact, speaking of puns, you may want to use a pun in your boat’s name. Naming your boat requires a delicate balance. You have to straddle the line between creativity and appropriateness, between enticing and practical. You have to use your imagination, and maybe throw in a play on words or two.

So, without further ado, find the ultimate list of boat name ideas below. You can thank us later!    

The Funny (or Punny) Boat Name

By far the most common type of boat name, the funny name is all about getting the laugh. One of the easiest ways to do this is through using puns.

Long a staple of dad jokes and second-tier stand up comedians, puns are also the stuff of greatness when it comes to boat names. Punny boat names are some of the best we’ve seen, ranging from Dexter’s aptly named “Slice of Life” to a man named Mike Roe’s eponymous “Mike Roe Wave.”

So, what does it take to come up with a funny boat name? Start with your professional. Anything funny come to mind? If you’re a lawyer, you could go for “Search and SEAzure.” Doctors can always go with the popular “DOCKter,” if you don’t mind sharing your boat name with others. Nurses have it a bit easier, with gems like “Nauti Nurse.” Real estate agents can do with “REELtor” for a good laugh.

Whatever your profession is, you can probably turn something about it into a funny boat name.

The Inspirational Boat Name

The inspirationally named boat is a bit rarer than funny ones, but they’re also a bit more sophisticated. To come up with a good inspirational name, you’ll want to consider what you love doing. What fills you with passion and excitement? Also, what are you proudest of? What moves you?

These vary from person to person, of course. An inspirational name like “Olympus” may be awesome for some and seem just a tad too much for others. We’re fans of inspirational names that include verbs in them. Think “Reaching for the Stars,” “Shooting for the Sky,” “Climbing the Ladder of Success,” and many more.

Much like sentimental names, which we’ll get to in just a second, inspirational names are mostly a matter of personal choice. The best advice we can give you is that you can never go wrong with an inspirationally named boat. It will serve as a constant source of (you guessed it) inspiration.

The Sentimental Boat Name

The sentimentally named boat is all about showing your love and appreciation for someone or something. This often takes the form of naming your boat after a loved one, but it could also be named after a favorite pet or a close friend. It can also be a loved one’s nickname or a particularly meaningful inside joke.

Sentimental boat names are almost always a personal choice, so we’re not going to list any here. Instead, think about the people you love and are closest to. Do any of them deserve to have their name on a boat? If so, you have your name right there.

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And there you have it: how to name a boat. If you have the perfect name, but no boat to bestow it upon, then you should check out our unmatched selection of South Florida yachts for sale today!