Exploration of the Seas – A Beginners Guide to Catamarans

Exploration of the Seas – A Beginners Guide to Catamarans

Chartering a catamaran for your next trip could be one of the most insightful ideas. Sailing through the seas with your dream yacht will make your vacation a truly extraordinary and memorable experience. Before scheduling your dream yacht charter, have you ever asked yourself how this boat came about and what makes it a top-tier choice in the yachting community?

A catamaran is a speedy yet smooth-sailing yacht equipped with double hulls of the same size. It was first used by the Paravas (an Indian fishing community) and was then used by the Tamil Chola Dynasty for the invasion of regions in Southeast Asia. These boats can be powered through several means, including sails and engines.

If you’re curious about what sailing a catamaran is like, the best way to describe it is sailing alone on your yacht. Charter companies ensure that the separate sleeping and living quarters are private enough for their guests.

The impressive deck and the majestic, panoramic view from the boat dramatically increase the demand for dream yacht sales. Aside from Miami Beach, some of the most fantastic sailing locations for catamarans are exotic locations like Greece, The French Riviera, The Whitsunday Islands in Australia, The Caribbean, and the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. These are just some of the best places for a sailing time, and you can explore more options once you purchase your boat.

Buying a Catamaran

Yacht ownership is one of the greatest milestones in anyone’s life. Aside from the freedom to sail the beautiful seas with your loved ones, boat buyers can also experience the full advantage of earning passive income with their new boat. However, there are certain factors to consider before getting into private ownership, such as the overall cost, financing a catamaran, and additional expenses.

Working with a Catamaran Dealer

Before becoming a full-fledged yacht owner, you must build a strong rapport with the catamaran company you’re interested in, especially your dealer. There are several advantages to purchasing a catamaran directly from a charter company.

Firstly, they can be a good resource for a guaranteed income program, tax benefits, operating costs, and variable income. They can delve into discussions on how to become an effective yacht owner. Catamaran dealers are agents who will ensure that the transfer of ownership is smoother and faster. Through them, you can set sail on your new boat in no time.

Financing a Catamaran

Before you learn more about yacht management, you must first know the best financing options or purchase programs to help you become a boat owner. Charter companies allow a down payment or monthly payments, but you need a stable and steady income to avoid financial risk.

Some of these financing options may include arranging ownership programs with your boat dealer; this can help you find guaranteed income programs that can aid you in paying for your boat in a quicker time frame. Another option is to get a loan from the bank; this option is a no-brainer as it can be a big help in securing a larger quantity of money, meaning that you can pay the entirety of your boat costs a little sooner than expected.

Another option to consider is to take out a loan from a marine financing company lender. The experts at marine financing companies know how much it costs to own a private boat, so they can provide you with viable policies to help you offset the cost.

There are more options, such as using your savings to pay for your new boat. Nonetheless, a charter management company such as The Advantaged can assist you with anything you need in buying boats, including insurance, tax incentives, referrals, ongoing maintenance, and finding the best crew agencies.

Renting and Leasing a Catamaran

Being a boat owner is expensive. For hassle-free ownership, most charter boats try to make up for the hefty expenses, including the purchase price incurred by owners. There are three ways of leasing a boat: a shared lease, bareboat agreements, or crewed charters.

Lease shares are communal, wherein the members can have unlimited access to several boats until they choose one that suits their preference. These shares are available for an all-inclusive fee. The chartering company will handle everything associated with the ownership program.

On the other hand, a bareboat charter deems ‘the charterer’ as the temporary owner. The latter is vested with charter ownership responsibilities and rights, such as charter management.

A crewed charter allows the charterer to lease the boat for a certain period and handles all expenses involving meals, fuel, and other port fees. Most charter companies offer an experienced crew to help the lessee address specific issues that may arise in transit. A charter company can point you towards a reliable boat maintenance crew.

Owning a Catamaran

Owning a boat will require the consideration of several factors, such as its functions, comfort, performance, and costs, that a charter company will inform you about. Before owning a catamaran, you must also consider insurance and hiring a reliable surveyor. However, one of the most crucial aspects of ownership, among charter bookings and substantial tax advantages, is maintenance.

Before you can see the world on your boat, charter management companies stress the importance of maintaining a ‘boat maintenance’ checklist. Boat owners should examine the boat’s hull, topsides, electrical systems, engines, plumbing, and HVAC systems. The upkeep should include canvas, upholstery, and other moving parts.

Moreover, owners use their boats during the low season in winter. To avoid costly and unnecessary repairs, you must ask a charter company for referrals for crews to inspect your propeller, fuel system, anchor, and cooling system. You will need to change the oil in your yacht because using outdated oil over the winter months will eventually damage it. If you’d rather keep the boat in storage, that’s another expense to consider!

In a nutshell, no matter the season, your catamaran must always be in the best shape before it sets sail.

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