Marc Anthony’s Yacht Burned Up: 6 Tips to Keep Your Yacht Safe

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Marc Anthony’s Yacht Burned Up: 6 Tips to Keep Your Yacht Safe

Global superstar Marc Anthony narrowly avoided disaster last winter when his beautiful luxury yacht caught fire. He wasn’t on board, and no one was seriously injured, but he got a hefty bill and valuable lesson about yacht safety. 

CBS 4 Miami reports that “the 120-foot yacht caught fire Wednesday, December 18th. There were 7 crew members on board who were able to make it off safely.” It took three hours to control the blaze, and cost the city about $300,000 in damages. The yacht was worth $7 million according to reports, “with five cabins with sleeping room for 12 people. It also had a barbecue area with a jacuzzi and docking stations for jet skis and satellite TV and had been the site of several gatherings and parties.”

Mother Nature and Yacht Safety

Avoid the headaches, hits to your wallet and potential heart problems that come with lackluster yacht care. The Advantaged excels in safety-first charters that always follow the best practices. Don’t take shortcuts with you or your party’s safety. The elements are just one of the many safety considerations you must have before hitting the open water. When you are aware of the risks that come from people, animals, and Mother Nature, you’ll be a more effective captain for your loved ones when you take advantage of enthralling yacht rentals in Florida.

Here are six tips that will help you with your yacht safety.

Dive Into Water Safety

The first and most powerful force you will need to deal with on your yacht rental Miami experience is the proverbial force of Poseidon, the mythic god of the sea. Knowing and respecting the rules of the sea is essential at all times. Floatation devices and drowning protocols should be reviewed and practiced before hitting the water. Everyone on board should know how to swim and tread water, and partnering up allows everyone to be accountable without putting all of the responsibility on a single lifeguard or safety specialist.

Be Ready to Put Out The Flames

Marc Anthony learned the hard way that water isn’t the only danger on the high seas. Gas-powered vehicles come with their own set of safety concerns including potential fire, combustion, and carbon-dioxide poisoning. Electric and solar-powered vehicles also come with fire risks, so it’s important to have provisions including a fire extinguisher and exit plan on your yacht charter Miami journey.

yacht rental miamiEarth to Captain

The Titanic isn’t the only ship that has to worry about rocks and other solid threats. There are plenty of sharp and dangerous objects lurking below the surface that can puncture your vehicle, rock your interior, or bring your entire ship to a screeching halt. Know the lay of the land before embarking on your next voyage, because you never know what lies beneath.

Make the Wind Your Friend

Sailors know that the wind can either be their best friend or worst enemy. Know the forecast and have a plan for any twist and turn that mother nature may throw at you. Don’t hit the open waters without an experienced captain to avoid floating into the abyss. Also, have emergency plans prepared in the event of violent winds that force you below deck or back to port.

Treat Fish and Wildlife Like Family

Know the waters you’re navigating and be aware of whose living room you’re swimming in. The odds say you probably won’t run into Jaws, but don’t take the other members of the animal kingdom for granted. The ocean is full of powerful creatures of all sizes and temperaments. Respect the environment and stay aware of your surroundings to stay in balance with the circle of life. Don’t feed wild animals or attempt to touch or catch them unless you are under the instruction of professionals.

Avoiding Trespassing, Theft, and Liability

Sadly, people are one of the biggest risks to your property on the water. Other sailors are always at risk of crashing into your charter, even if it’s docked. And a simple mistake can cause a deadly or damaging leak or malfunction in your vehicle. Make sure to secure and insure your vehicle at all times. Never leave the dock without proper registration and a licensed operator.

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