Which Miami Luxury Yacht is Best for You?

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Which Miami Luxury Yacht is Best for You?

Whether you want to spend a special weekend with your significant other, or a rowdy getaway with your friends, a luxury yacht charter provides the pinnacle of private experiences for Miami sailors. In fact, yacht rental Florida options include party boats, mega yachts, and private escapes, all tailored to you and your party’s unique desires.

So, this blog will cover the different kinds of luxury yachts available at The Advantaged, and it will advise you as to the best yacht to rent/buy and why. Yacht Miami in luxury with our elite fleet, organized by size, price, and specialty.

Cruisers And Boats

For beginners and small groups, a cruiser or boat is usually the best option. We offer a fleet of express to cabin cruisers, and even roomy family yachts, sport fishing boats and our smaller boats are fully equipped to provide you with an unforgettable experience. You won’t be cramped at all, with multiple staterooms, head, galley, cockpit, and even a flybridge feature on some models. Boost your adrenaline in speedy boats like the Van Dutch, cigarette boats, or the Fjord. If you need a smoother cruise, The Advantaged fleet also  includes the Sea Ray Sundancer, Hatteras, and Sessa. You can accommodate up to 13 people,excluding the fishing boat, by law, may only have 6 people by law.

Click here to browse between the Searay Sundancer, Cigarette Cafe Racer, Van Dutch and Cruiser.and more options.


Larger or more sophisticated sailing parties will enjoy our wide range of yachts with relaxing and exhilarating amenities. Click here to shop our fleet where you will find top-performing fishing vessels, flybridge yachts mixing design and technology, including cabins for 8 overnight guests and top class solutions on matters of comfort and onboard amenities. And don’t forget, our  Day charters can accommodate up to 13 people comfortably!

MegaYachts And SuperYachts

For over 80” of freedom and leisure, you will want to browse our breathtaking megayacht and superyacht options. The Predator, Lazzara, Leopard and Johnson are just some of the massive fleet at your disposal. Spare no expense or luxury on one of these beauties for a time you won’t soon forget.

Sailing Yachts 

Sail the open sea in style and comfort! Moreover, our luxurious sailboats allow you to freely explore the magical sea in the most romantic way. Click here to see our perfect mix of indoor and outdoor spaces, your sailboat, including a monohull or a catamaran. We will provide everything you need to hit the water with your loved ones while relaxing on Miami’s truest marine experience.

Looking for Yacht Rental Miami Experiences for Your Upcoming trip?

​There is no better way to let loose in Miami than on a boat. The Advantaged offers a vast selection of yachts to choose from as the best yacht rental in Florida, including everything from sailing yachts to megayachts. We offer all from half-day to full-week charters and provide only the best for your group.

Once you have selected your destination and yacht, we will supply all onboard amenities and countless water activities. In fact, the Advantaged’s yacht rentals Florida experiences are guaranteed to include one you will cherish for years to come.