First Time Sailing? 10 Seasickness Remedies You Should Try

Seasickness Remedies

First Time Sailing? 10 Seasickness Remedies You Should Try

Getting out on the open seas can be an exhilarating experience – the warm sun shining on your skin, the gentle breeze rustling through your hair and the waves lapping up against the boat. If you aren’t an experienced sailor, however, taking to the water can also mean crippling seasickness. For some, the motion of the ocean can be too much to overcome. If you find yourself in this uncomfortable situation, don’t fret. Here are 10 seasickness remedies you should try to help alleviate your nausea.

Common Seasickness Remedies


Scopolamine – Only available by prescription, scopolamine is an adhesive patch commonly in usage for the treatment of motion sickness. Placed behind the ear before you travel, this medication can provide 72-hour relief for seasickness symptoms. When speaking to your doctor, make sure to mention any health issues you may have, as certain conditions can impact how well the drug will work.

Antihistamine – Over-the-counter antihistamines containing dimenhydrinate or meclizine are a very effective cure for motion sickness and its associated symptoms. Take an hour before travel, but be careful, as drowsiness is a common side-effect.  

Dramamine – Another antihistamine, Dramamine is commonly prescribed for motion sickness. Like many over-the-counter options, however, be wary of drowsiness, which is common, along with confusion, dry mouth and difficulty urinating.

How to Cure Seasickness

Natural Remedies

Carbonated Beverages – These drinks, especially ones such as sparkling water, are an excellent way to relieve nausea and settle an upset stomach. Be sure to avoid caffeinated beverages, however, as they may further irritate your stomach.

Hydration – Drinking water may not entirely eliminate symptoms of seasickness on its own, but as seasickness can lead to vomiting, maintaining proper hydration levels is essential. Be sure to sip water or an electrolyte-enhanced beverage, such as Gatorade – after all, prolonged vomiting could require IV fluids to rebalance your electrolyte levels.

Ginger – Ginger has long been known for its curative properties. From protecting against cancer to reducing cholesterol to fighting infection, ginger can seemingly do it all. Ginger has also been effective in combatting motion sickness. Just take 250 milligrams three times a day before you travel to help ward off seasickness.

Essential Oils – According to the Center for Disease Control, essential oils can be useful for dealing with seasickness. As stimulating other senses can distract from motion sickness, aromatherapy with lavender or peppermint oils is beneficial to sufferers when combined with other treatments.

Peppermint – Taken orally, peppermint is an effective remedy for the symptoms of upset stomach and nausea. Look for organic peppermint-infused teas, or peppermint tablets to use while traveling.

Licorice Root – Licorice root has been shown to be useful in dealing with symptoms of dyspepsia, otherwise known as an upset stomach. Available over-the-counter in chewable tablet form, licorice root can significantly reduce nausea and bloating.

Chamomile Tea – Like peppermint, chamomile is an excellent way to lessen nausea and other stomach ailments commonly associated with seasickness.  Chamomile tea also has the added benefit of calming nerves, which can also help reduce your symptoms. Simply drink when symptoms arise – add a splash of honey if needed.

Using these helpful remedies, you too can say goodbye to seasickness and hello to an enjoyable day on the water. With your newfound freedom from motion sickness, there is no better time to explore all that Miami and South Florida have to offer than with a private charter from The Advantaged. We specially tailored our fully customizable packages to your requirements and provide the pinnacle of luxury and excitement. If you’re looking for an unforgettable way to explore the Magic City or the beautiful waters that surround it, give The Advantaged a call today at 1 (855) 305-BOAT (2628) for a free consultation.