How to Prevent Seasickness: Top Simple Remedies


How to Prevent Seasickness: Top Simple Remedies

Sailing the wide-open waters anytime soon? Have a boat party on the weekend? Whatever the reason, you may need some tips on how to prevent some potential nausea from coming your way. Whether you’re on your dream cruise, a romantic getaway yacht, or on a sailing adventure, getting seasick will definitely affect your experience for the worse.

This is why we have a few great tips for you:

Get Some Rest

Feeling well-rested before sailing the waters is definitely important. Missing some sleep or feeling exhausted before getting on the ship will make you a lot more vulnerable to the motions of the ocean and eventually get you seasick. Remember to try to get as much sleep as you can before your time on the ocean.

Get Some Fresh Air

If you are already feeling seasick, it can be very helpful to go out on open space such as a balcony and look at the horizon. While doing this, your eyes will have a “visual” of the motion, and then send a signal to your brain that you’re balanced, instead of the signals your ears are sending. Fresh air, especially with high winds, also has a tendency to help. Also, focusing on things other than your nausea, such as being more active on the boat, can improve your queasiness.

Grab a Bite…and A Drink

The best foods to have while sailing the ocean are light snacks. Eating plain bread or pretzels will fill your stomach, and not make you feel too full. You may also want to sip on some ginger ale, as it is a well-known natural cure for seasickness. Eating crackers along with some water can also help.

Taking Medication

There are a variety of preventative medications you can take before going on your trip. Medicines for nausea are known as antiemetic drugs. These include antihistamines, which are available over the counter and can be purchased at any nearby pharmacy. These medications work by hindering the effects of the chemicals released by the brain during seasickness.

It is best to speak to your doctors about the best medication for you, as some may have limitations. It is also important to be aware that antihistamines may cause drowsiness and dry mouth or eyes. Due to this, it is best to take the medications right before you board the ship, considering it is a short trip.

Avoid any Nausea Triggers

If you’re already nauseous, you may want to prevent other stimuli that will worsen your symptoms. For example, eating spicy, or greasy foods may not be a good idea. Also, drinking alcohol may speed up dehydration and lower your resistance to motion sickness. You should avoid any foul or repulsive odors where you can. People vomiting next to you may definitely provoke more nausea.

There you have it! The best hacks to prevent any nausea before your exciting trip. Being sleep deprived, eating poorly, or drinking alcohol can make you more susceptible to nausea or motion sickness. Make sure that you are feeling well before boarding the ship and that you have anti-nausea medications with you as a backup.

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