The Best Family-Friendly Day Trips from Miami

Family-friendly Day trips

The Best Family-Friendly Day Trips from Miami

Miami truly lives up to its nickname the “Magic City.”
With its steamy weather, white sand beaches, and unmatched shopping and dining, the city is the perfect stop for a luxury vacation. What really sets the city apart, however, are the myriad of enchanting destinations located nearby which offer the ideal opportunity for an unforgettable excursion. Here’s
The Advantaged’s guide to the best family-friendly day trips from Miami.

Florida Keys

While part of Florida and the United States, the Florida Keys seem a million miles away. Life down here moves at a different pace – a much slower one. The Keys are where those who disdain life on the mainland escape to find themselves. These enchanting islands – about 113 in number – offer visitors stunning turquoise waters, and amazing animal life. Moreover, they offer a population of eccentric characters who walk to the beat of their own drum. With a bevy of excellent seafood restaurants, unrivaled fishing and water sports, and much more. The Keys are a can’t miss family excursion in South Florida.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale has been dubbed “The Venice of America”, and cruising through its countless canals it’s easy to see why. Centrally located between Miami and West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale’s landscape and skyline simply exude beauty. Experience the enchanting scenery along the Intercoastal Waterway. Also, see some of the area’s magnificent creatures – including the majestic manatees that patrol the calm, turquoise waters. And, marvel at the impressive waterfront mansions of Millionaire’s Row, home to some of the most illustrious names of film and business. Just an hour and a half from Miami, Fort Lauderdale is sure to leave a lasting impressBest Family Boat Trips in Floridaion on you and your guests.

The Biminis, Bahamas 

Tiny, but fascinating, the Biminis are closer than you think. Resting on the edge of the Gulf Stream – and geographically closer to Miami than Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas – the Bimini islands are as pretty as a postage stamp. These three magnificent islands, boasting incredible beaches, fantastic diving, and unrivaled deep-sea fishing, have become a favored haunt of Miami’s elite. The perfect day trip, the Biminis offer the height of luxury and beauty – right on Miami’s doorstep.

Miami Beach Islands

If you’re looking for a memorable charter excursion in Miami, look no further than the islands around Miami Beach. From the urban hustle of Brickell and Downtown to trendy South Beach or the pristine beaches and laid-back vibes of Key Biscayne. The islands of Miami offer something for everyone. With high-end shopping, world-class dining, zoos, museums, and some of the hottest nightclubs. A charter excursion exploring Miami has something to offer everyone in the family!

While exploring the magical islands of Miami, don’t forget to check out Stiltsville. Resting just off the shore of Billy Baggs State Park, Stiltsville is something of a Miami legend. A “neighborhood” of just seven houses in Biscayne Bay, this enchanting landmark traces its roots all the way back to 1933. Originally just a single home, built by a colorful character named “Crawfish Eddie” to sell chum, soon Stiltsville became an exclusive retreat for Miami’s elite, who flocked to the area to create their own invitation-only clubs – away from the prying eyes on the land. Perhaps the most famous of these clubs were the Quarterdeck Club, opened in 1940 by Commodore Edward Turner. And, the Bikini Club, which was just a run-aground ship.

From its height in the 1960s, Stiltsville suffered much over the following decades from countless hurricanes. Particularly Betsy in 1965 and Andrew in 1992.  While only seven houses still stand, the charm and mystique of Stiltsville remains. Just minutes from Miami Beach, visiting Stiltsville is a magical and unforgettable experience. And, it is quintessentially Miami in all its quirky wonder.

Experience These Beautiful Locations For Yourself or with Family-friendly Day Trips!

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