How to Visit South Beach Like a Local

South Beach

How to Visit South Beach Like a Local

South Beach luxury takes on a different definition to a local. When you know the lay of the land, where to get the best value for your experience, as well as the places that are truly enjoyable—not just advertised to be—it can make all the difference in the world to the trip overall.

Despite always being recognized as a growing hub of culture, colorful venues, and grand events, Miami Beach has changed in the last few years with newer, more amazing restaurants, venues, and adventures along the way.

Known for the nightlife and the pristine waters that echo the sky’s ambiance, South Beach has everything you could imagine within a 5-10 minute drive. Here is how to experience it with the expertise of a local.


It’s most important to know what types of places suit your tastes. South Beach has everything to offer from crowded hotspots to secluded areas—and everything in between. The three hottest places to hit up are Lincoln Road, Ocean Drive and Collins Avenue. These three areas feature a myriad of great locations for restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.

There are also areas like Española Way, which offers a more intimate and romantic vibe. Within the last two years, new restaurants have risen to prominence featuring exquisite cuisines from across the world. Therefore, you can literally taste the melting pot of mixing cultures.

If you’re looking for some casual, low-key, environments highly recommended by locals, we have a speakeasy we recommend called Foxhole. With no name or signage to welcome you, Foxhole is only accessible by a door with a small red light. You can read about its location here. For casual dining, we recommend Bodega Taqueria y Tequila as it has a nice lounge in the back with a DJ which you can read more about here.

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Oceanic Adventures

The water is nice all year round. You truly can’t experience South Beach like a local if you haven’t taken advantage of the oceanic surrounds south of Biscayne Bay. We recommend dedicating a day and renting a yacht to truly take in this amazing sight.

Taking a 4-hour half-day charter tour is ideal and will take you around various spaces such as Star Island (where celebrities live), Palm Island, and Hibiscus Island. Sip champagne as you enjoy the unique architecture and waterfront mansions exclusive to the magic city.


South Beach is a place that is made to be entirely walkable. For those who like casual eating and the sounds of the quiet ocean’s whispering echoes through the neighborhood, we recommend Sunset Harbour.  We also like hanging out at the Miami Beach Marina as well as Shuckers Bar and Grill. For relaxation and elegance, you should try EDITION, The Ritz-Carlton South Beach, or FAENA—a new and chic hotspot for locals. One of our favorite places is SOFI (South of Fifth), located between 1st and 5th street in South Beach. Locals enjoy SOFI as a quiet place to go swimming. So, if you’re into watching the water, it would be best to hang at Smith and Wollensky to see the cruise ships pass through the inlet.

Not only is everything within reach and walking distance in South Beach, but you can see the amazing Miami skyline. Understanding the nightlife, attractions, and most importantly the ocean is the ticket to enjoying the city as the locals do.


There are few beaches in the world similar to South Beach. The beach is always crawling with beautiful people, and the sun and the sand are gorgeous all year round. Bring your towel and swimsuit, and get yourself a tan.

We recommend sailing out and starting your own adventure. Once you know what you’re looking for, you’ll find it right in front of you.

The Advantaged offers boat tours of Miami and the surrounding area. When you went to enjoy South Florida like a celebrity, contact us.